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This wine comes from a blend of 4 different parcels. It gives an excellent snapshot of the Rully vineyard as the vines are all located in different sectors. The Chaponnières and Saint Jacques Climats bring finesse and elegance to a tonality of white fruits. La Crée, a terroir located below the premier crus, is more stony. It gives more powerful wines, with a lot of substance. Finally, La Bergerie is a deep clay soil. It adds a hint of exotic fruits (for example, grapefruit).

  • Area : 4.3 hectares
  • Age of vines : 40 years on average


After manual harvesting, the grapes are pressed immediately with care. Fermentation starts naturally (without the addition of yeast) in vats and barrels. Maturation also continues in vats to preserve the fruit and approachability of Chardonnay. Only 25% of the cuvée, from Climat La Crée, is aged in barrels.


"The goal is not to drink one glass but to want to drink another," says Stéphane Briday about this vintage. It's true that its gourmand and fruity character makes a bottle that does not last long on the table, unless you have a second one under wraps ... Especially since the freshness of the Chardonnay appellation adds a touch of distinction. The nose evokes pear, lemon, and spices. A small note of dried fruits completes the whole.

2021 - Domaine Michael Briday Rully - Burgundy, France

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750 Milliliters
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