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Willamette Valley

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Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. This state offers visitors so much to see and do including great wines.  The Willamette Valley is one of largest wine regions in this state and is certainly worth the visit. If you like Pinot Noir you’ll find some great ones here. Sitting with a nice glass of Pinot overlooking the Pacific Ocean remembering the events of the day. How fabulous does that sound.  Trust me it is truly fabulous I’ve done it.

Real Nice Black Magnolia Pinot Noir Bott

Black Magnolia

Pinot Noir

 Willamette Valley, Oregon - 2021

Real Nice Shallow Seas Bottleshot.png

Shallow Seas


Willamette Valley, Oregon  


EWC b2 Pinot Noir BS.jpeg

Eugene Wine Cellars

Pinot Noir b2

Willamette Valley, Oregon


Eugene Wine Cellars Pinot Gris.jpg

Eugene Wine Cellars

Pinot Gris b2

 Willamette Valley, Oregon



Into The Woods

Columbia Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Willamette Valley, Oregon  


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