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Reininger CabSauv 2018.png

Reininger Winery

Cabernet Sauvignon

 Walla Walla Valley, Washington - 2020

92pts JS, 92Pts JD

Reininger Merlot.png

Reininger Winery


Walla Walla Valley, Washington  2019

RW 2015 Helix Syrah.jpg

Reininger Winery

Helix Syrah

Walla Walla Valley, Washington  2019

Reininger 2017_helix_merlot.png

Reininger Winery

Helix Merlot

Walla Walla Valley, Washington  2020

Reiniger 2017_helix_cabsauv.png

Reininger Winery

Helix Cabernet Sauvignon

Walla Walla Valley, Washington  2019

Reininger 2016_helix_pomatia.png

Reininger Winery

Helix Pomatia

Walla Walla Valley, Washington  2019

RW helix_chardonnay.png

Reininger Winery

Helix Chardonnay

Walla Walla, Washington   2021

The Story

Every grape that grows in this valley tells a story of the massive forces that shaped our land thousands of years ago. Every barrel aging in our cellar is infused with these forces, as well as the spirit of Walla Walla—a spirit that has shaped our families for six generations.

The Reininger story begins with Chuck’s early exposure to the great outdoors, sparking a deep connection to the natural world and a passion for adventuring among the elements of Earth. He loved the journey to the summit, the camaraderie, the thrill of discovery, the underlying connection always being the land itself. After spending years as a mountaineering guide on Mt. Rainer, Chuck developed a unique intuition about the environment that made him thirsty to find a new way to “bring the outside in.”

After deciding a brewery wasn’t the right avenue, Chuck began experimenting with home winemaking and advancing his wine education with courses at UC Davis. He officially caught the “wine bug” when he literally got his feet wet crushing grapes for long-time friends at renowned Waterbrook Winery. Sharing the bounty of nature and the excitement of crush solidified a desire to become a part of the winemaking world, in a place where Chuck recognized amazing potential.

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Chuck Reininger


Kelly Tucker


Jay Tucker


Ronnie & Terry Tucker

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