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Age of the vines : 60 years old Grape variety : Pinot noir
Ageing : 18 months in oak barrels

Vinification : All the wines are vinified in our cuverie, rue de Francorchamps in Pommard. Where after manual harvest and careful selection , the grapes are put through the destalking machine and by means of an elevator the grapes are slowly put in the fermentation vats which are temperature controlled. Here, the grapes go through a seven day cold soak before the alcoholic fermentation takes place which can last for up to 14 days. No artificial yeasts are used, the fermentation process is completely natural.

2021 Rebourgeon Pommard - Burgundy, France

SKU: LBCO 596824 $69.95/btl
750 Milliliters
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Expected in August

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