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Piedmont/Piedmonte sits at the foot of the Alps bordering France and Switzerland, known for its ski resorts and of course home of the Fiat car but I think if you asked anyone what they think of when you mention Piemonte surely they will say wine and truffles.  Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera D’Alba and Gavi are absolutely world famous wines so if you haven’t tried them hurry and go get yourself a bottle or two. Apparently even Pliny the Elder celebrated the wines of this region in his work, Naturalis Historia.  So raise your glass to Pliny and enjoy the refinement of this region.

Alberto barolo.jpg

Alberto Ballarin

Barolo DOCG

 Piedmont - 2018

Castellari Bergaglio Rolona.png

Castellari Bergaglio

Rolona Gavi di Gavi DOCG  Piedmont - 2023

Cascina Ballarin LANGHE NEBBIOLO DOC.jpg

Cascina Ballarin

Lange Nebbiolo DOC

 Piedmont - 2018

Castellari Bergaglio Gavi.png

Castellari Bergaglio

Salluvii Gavi DOCG

Piedmont - 2023

Alberto Ballarin barbera-alba.jpg.webp

Alberto Ballarin

Pilade Barbera d'Alba DOC  Piedmont - 2021

Il rocchin Gavi Di Gavi_edited.png

Il Rocchin

Gavi di Gavi DOCG

Piedmont - 2022

Massara Barbera.jpg

Gian Carlo Burlotto

Massara Barbera d'Alba DOC

 Piedmont - 2020

Massara Barolo_edited.jpg

Gian Carlo Burlotto

Massara Barolo DOCG

 Piedmont - 2019

Castellari Bergaglio Fornaci.png

Castellari Bergaglio

Fornaci Gavi di Gavi DOCG Piedmont - 2023

San Matteo Gavi.png

San Matteo


Piedmont - 2021

Barbaresco GIACONE - JPG_edited.jpg

Cascina Alberta

Barbaresco "Giacone"


Piedimonte 2020

Barbera d'Alba - JPG_edited.jpg

Cascina Alberta

Barbera d'Alba


Piedimonte 2021

San Matteo Barbaresco.jpg

San Matteo

Barbaresco DOCG  

Piedmont - 2016

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