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Languedoc-Roussillon  (often called "the Languedoc") is a historical coastal region in southern France, extending from Provence to the Pyrenees Mountains and the border with Spain. It benefits from a remarkable climate and dazzling coast.  Known as a large producer of organic wines as well as being an immense maker of AOC rosé wines.  It has become a hot tourist destination known for its prosperous history and rich culture.

SAINT Michel Le Messager Red.jpg

Domaine Saint Michel

Le Messager Red Blend, Languedoc - 2019

messager rouge.png

Domaine Saint Michel

Le Messager Syrah,

Languedoc - 2021


Domaine Saint Michel Rosé

Cote de Thoungue Languedoc - 2023


Domaine B&B Bouche     Brut Prestige - Languedoc, France

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