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Domaine Saint Marc santenay.png

Domaine Saint Marc

Santenay Rouge "Fougenet"

AOC - Cote de Beaune 

Burgundy - 2018

Domaine Saint Marc maranges-1er-cru-clos

Domaine Saint Marc

Maranges 1er Cru

"Les Clos Roussots"

AOC - Cote de Beaune

Burgundy - 2020

Domaine Saint Marc santenay-saint-jean.p

Domaine Saint Marc

Santenay Blanc "Saint Jean" AOC  Cote de Beaune  

Burgundy - 2021

Domaine Saint Marc meursault-sous-la-vel

Domaine Saint Marc

Meursault "Sous La Velle" AOC Cote de Beaune

Burgundy - 2021

The Story

500 Hundred Years of History

Since 1489 that the family operates in PARIS L'HOPITAL, as evidenced by an extract of acquisition of a parcel, at a place called Pré-Romain, at the place where the domain still has a vine.

October 1243: PARIS under NOLAY becomes PARIS L'HOPITAL
A manuscript relates: The Chevalier GUILLAUME de Desise, unable to go on crusades, concedes to the Order of the Jerusalem Hospital a piece of land located in Paris under Nolay. 
The Commanderie des Hospitaliers set up a reception center and a Chapel there. 
4 families still living in Paris l'Hôpital are listed in 1243 in the burrow of the Dijon archives, including the Mitancher family.

October 10, 1489: An extract from the tenancy contracts of the Paris l Hôpital finage shows the exploitation of land by Jean MITANCHER at a place called Pré Romain, where the Estate still owns today.

February 20, 1735: The Chapel baptized Sainte Marie Magdeleine becomes Chapel SAINT MARC. 
The remains still exist today near the winery of the Domaine.

1919: His two brothers who died in the war, Joseph MITANCHEY son of Jean Baptiste, rather than exercising the profession of baker takes over the land and vineyards of the family. To ensure sufficient income, he will at the same time and for thirty years the profession of cooper.

1951: Jean Gabriel, said Bibi born December 2, 1920, son of Joseph, marries Michèle Rossignol, both of them continue and develop viticulture. From 1965 they devoted themselves exclusively to the work of the vineyard, increasing the surface of the exploitation which became a real estate.

1980: Both have the same passion for Burgundy and its wines that they already know well. 
Both Burgundians, one oenologist takes care of 140 hectares of vines in the Rhône valley, the other from an old Beaunoise family, has become a specialist in finance in Paris.

The first harvest will take place in 1980 after only 10 openings! (0.42Ha) of vines in regional appellation.

1980: Jean Claude, the eldest of two sons, an oenologist who manages an estate in the Rhône Valley, returns to Burgundy. With Philippe AUBURTIN, his best friend for 20 years, they created Domaine SAINT MARC by buying part (0.5 ha!) Of the Mitanchey family estate. 

1987: The Domaine continues to grow and owns it in Santenay. Dominique, Philippe's brother joins the team, the estate is the owner in Pommard.

2005 : 25 years later, the two families (MITANCHEY and AUBURTIN) own 5.5 Ha of vines with appellations as prestigious as Santenay, Pommard, Beaune 1er Cru and Meursault.

2012: Domaine Saint Marc operates 6 ha of vines. Arnaud Mitanchey (son of Jean Claude) graduated from the Beaune viticulture school joined the company after 6 months in California. 
It brings 1.50 ha of vines including 2 premier crus Maranges and Santenay. The construction work of the current winery near the Saint Marc Chapel revealed the traces of an old House, certainly that of the Hospitallers.

Arnaud MITANCHEY takes care of the 8.5 Ha of vines distributed as follows:

- Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune Blanc: 0.40 Ha 
- Santenay Blanc: 0.25 Ha 
- Meursault: 0.86 Ha 
- Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune Red: 3.5 ha 
- Maranges 1er Cru: 0.93 Ha 
- Santenay Red: 1.5 Ha 
- Pommard: 0.57 Ha 
- Beaune 1er Cru clos des Avaux red: 0.50 Ha

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