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Domaine MRebourgeon Logo.jpg
Domaine MR Pinot Noir.jpg

Domaine Michael Rebourgeon

Pinot Noir Bourgogne AC Pommard

 Burgundy - 2021

Domaine MR beaune 1er cru %22Les Chouach

Domaine Michael Rebourgeon

Beaune "Les Chouacheux" 1er Cru AOC- Beaune,  

Burgundy - 2018

Pommard Trois Terroirs 2018 jpeg_edited.jpg

Domaine Michael Rebourgeon

Pommard "Les Trois Terroirs"


 Burgundy - 2018

Domaine MR Volnay.jpg

Domaine Michael Rebourgeon

Volany "Les Brouillards" 1er Cru AOC - Volany

Burgundy - 2019

Domaine MR Les Pézerolles et Les Charmot

Domaine Michael Rebourgeon

Pommard "Les Pézerolles et Les Charmots" 1er Cru

AOC - Pommard

 Burgundy - 2017

Domaine MR Saint Romain.jpg

Domaine Michael Rebourgeon

Saint Romain AOC

Saint Romain

Burgundy - 2017

The Story

Small family holding passed down from generation to generation since 1550. Our work follows Burgundian traditions:

picking by hand, ageing in oak barrels.

Le domaine Michel Rebourgeon est un domaine familial de 3.5 hectares réparti sur les appellations Pommard 1er cru, Pommard, Beaune 1er cru, Beaune, Volnay 1er cru et Bourgognes rouges et blancs. 

Our domain has a lot of history. They say that it goes back to 1540. It comes, more recently from my grandmother who was called Mary Bourgogne, she married Emile Claude Rebourgeon, this is the origin of the name. They had 2 boys, Henry and Michel, the two became winegrowers and settled in Pommard. Michel took over his share of the domain in 1964.
We then established with my husband Stephen in 1995. Since, we had 2 boys, William born in 1998 and Samuel born in 2001.

With my brother, we extended the domain by purchasing vines in 1998 and in 2004. We now exploit 4.25 hectares on three villages: Beaune, Pommard and Volnay.

We bottle all our production and the majority off our wine is sold to private customers from our shop in Place de l'Europe, Pommard. 10% of our production is export.

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