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Vermentino di Gallura DOCG

Sardinia  - 2023

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Vermentino di Sardinia DOC

Sardinia  - 2023

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Lugana Classico DOC

Veneto  - 2023


Pinot Grigio Garda DOC

Veneto  - 2023

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The Story

The Montespada Vineyard is located in the NorthEast region of Sardinia, in the heart of Gallura, about 20 km from S.Teresa on the coastal route that leads to Castelsardo in the municipality of Trinita D’Agultu. It overlooks the sea overlooking the coast of Corsica, coasts that from the top of the hill you can easily admire, the farm is 2 kilometers from the sea.
The Montespada Farm runs for over a kilometre along the banks of the Vignola river and is therefore located in the same valley close to the ” Sierra du Cinqu teeth “, in the Giunchizza
region, so named for its characteristic of having often water veins surface, result of the waterproof subsculum formed by granite slabs. It is common to see here and the tufts of rushes, in perfect contrast to the extremely arid Gallura soil. It is the region where the “Muto di Gallura” had taken refuge during his absence.

The farm Montespada rests its roots on a soil that is the result of the granite disintegration, the base substratum of Gallura, a mixture of sand and granite, soil where the vine can give its most superb fruits.
About 200 hectares of land and rock, within a vast wild and uncontaminated valley between Eucalyptus, Olivastri and Mediterranean maquis typical with the Cistus and the Myrtle that are the master, where it is not rare to meet long hedges of Arbutus, from which often “sprout” at dusk whole families of wild boars, who quietly go for a walk in the countryside.
The Vignola river that runs along the vineyard for almost a kilometre helps us in the hottest summers for drip irrigation in the summer months, where you can admire the quiet turtles of water that tickle in the sun.

Montespada with its 40 hectares of vineyards in Vermentino di Gallura since 1996 has obtained the prestigious Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin, previously was DOC, the other areas are cultivated in Carignano in the most arid and infertile areas, where the Carignano, strong of its rusticity manages to give however generous fruits.
The sixth planting of the oldest vines is a meter and forty by two meters and fifty, all new plants have a new sixth of a meter by two meters and fifty; We are also testing the new planting sexes of 2.20 x 0.80 meters.
The single or double Guiot with the renewal cord is the most used method in cultivation . The rotating areas are renewed to maintain the best quality and productive efficiency of the vineyard. Compliance with the strict production regulations of Gallura, is naturally regulated by the climate.

And not for the last Montespada has Greenpeace's vision for sustainable agriculture.


All further informations you will find is to our website 

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