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Feudoro Salento

Primitivo  IGT

Puglia - 2021


Feudoro Salice

Salentino Riserva

Puglia - 2021

The Story

The history of the Rizzello family

is inextricably linked to that of its vineyards, an interweaving of threads suspended between rows and generations.

The evanescent thread knotted to the oldest and most twisted saplings recalls grandfather Marco,

who in the 1970s stopped giving the grapes to the social winery to produce his own wine.

Its thread is linked to the strong and vibrant one of his son Franco who, with his tenacity and attitude to excellence, has made Le Vigne di Sammarco a unique and recognizable reality in the world of wine. 

Other threads radiate from his, drawing new, fascinating geometries between the rows, pushing beyond the boundaries of the estate. They are those of Francesca, Marco and Carmine three young people who have decided to remain rooted in the tradition of their family and their territory with an eye to the future, open to the world. 

The Rizzello family owns 200 hectares of land, of which 120 are bred with the sapling and espalier system. 

The remaining part will be planted, seeking the uniqueness of the Salento territory and enhancing ancient native vines such as Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera, Malvasia Bianca, Susumaniello and Primitivo. The practice of a clean and sustainable agriculture is a goal that we pursue daily.

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