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Villa Floriano Pinot Grigio.jpg

Villa Floriano

Pinot Grigio DOC

 Friuli - 2022

Villa Floriano Pinot Noir.jpg

Villa Floriano

Pinot Noir IGT

 Friuli - 2021

Gleni Prosecco_edited.jpg

Gleni Prosecco



The Story

Research has revealed that the Mosolo family has an ancient, noble lineage, as documented in papers dating back to 1447, where the Mosolos are mentioned as well-off land owners near Munich, in the Bavaria region of Germany.

In 1541, pursuing business interess the family moved to Basel and continued to purchase more land, thus expanding the extent of the property.

In the 18th century, intrigued by viticulture and wines imported across the Alps from Italy, some members of the Mosolo family decided to move to Friuli to grow vineyards and produce wines.

The history of the current Azienda Mosolo started at the beginning of the 20th century, when grandfather Angelo started the production of bulk wine to be sold on the local market.

In the early 1970s, his son, Gleni, undertook an important commercial makeover of the family business by starting to bottle higher quality wines and purchasing new agricultural land in the Colli Orientali del Friuli (Friuli Eastern Hills) wine zone area.

First, the Mosolo Gleni wines conquered the national market. In more recent years, thanks in part also to the arrival on the scene of son Michele who, once having completed his studies, decided to help his father in managing the winemaking business, the family wines started to be appreciated outside Italy as well.This turn of events allowed the Mosolos to give a new spin to the family business, which was right in tone with the evolution of the Italian wine world in recent years.

Taking advantage of the progress made in viticulture and enological technology, the Mosolo Gleni's Company updated the entire production structure, from the vineyards to the cellars, investing a considerable amount of money to improve the overall quality of the wine production in order to satisfy an evermore sophisticated and knowledgeable global market.

Currently the viticultural potential of the estate is pushed to the limit with rigorous pruning, thinning of the bunches, and the cultivation of new vineyards with high vine density. The objective is to take advantage of the natural resources available as much as possible and to produce wines of ever increasing quality.

The geographical location, the exposure of the vineyards and the soil composition, which is particularly suitable to vine growing, are lucky factors which make the task of the enologist in the cellar easier. In fact, the majestic ridges of the Alpi Giulie (Giulian Alps) protect the vines from the frigid northern winds, while the Adriatic Sea to the south provides constant, beneficial and tempered ventilation.

The Mosolo Gleni's Company is located in the municipality of Faedis, in the province of Udine, at the center of the DOC dei Colli Orientali del Friuli production zone. This is a micro zone located within a wider wine production area, which produces wines with a distinct personality. In addition to international varieties, native vines such as the Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso and the

Verduzzo Friulano in particular offer the best characteristics of the region.

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