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Domaine Saint Michel

Le Messager Red Blend, Languedoc - 2019

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Domaine Saint Michel

Le Messager Syrah,

Languedoc - 2021


Domaine Saint Michel Rosé

Cote de Thoungue Languedoc - 2022

The Story

Winegrowers from father to son, we are part of over two centuries of family know-how, ensuring the continuity of Domaine Saint Michel winegrowing; we use efficient, modern vinification methods, permitting us to continually improve the quality of our wines. 

In 1977, dalready convinced of our region’s rich terroir, Jacques and Françoise Boyer were not content to only pursue operation of the family wine estate, but to make a radical shift to strive for quality above all; this made them part of what drove today’s renewal in Languedoc winegrowing. The first step called for replanting the vineyard, continually improving the winegrowing techniques inherited from earlier generations, and seriously reducing yield to harvest healthy, concentrated grapes for wines with character. Simultaneously, the cellars were gradually transformed, adapted and equipped to permit and develop vinification methods to best express our terroir’s potential and our passion as winegrowers.

The result 
is a unique, personalised wine that will surprise you, cuvees reflecting our history and which will arouse your curiosity, vintages resulting from a combination of our efforts, our commitment and the seasons. Domaine Saint Michel Wine Estate calls on the talents of all our team so we may together share the enjoyment of tasting great wine.

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