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Cascina Alberta

Barbaresco "Giacone"


Piedimonte 2020

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Cascina Alberta

Barbera d'Alba


Piedimonte 2021

From the very beginning, we had an organic approach to the agriculture. In 2016 we decided to start the organic conversion and to get the certification from Valori Italia control body, since we thought it could be a “good thing” for our customers. From the harvest 2019 on, we are officially organic certified, for both the vineyards and the cellar. Love and passion for Langhe area and its traditions are the real fulcrum of our activity. Our work in the vineyards is as meticulous as possible, without an excessive production decrease: vintage after vintage, the final yield may vary from 55 to 70 quintals. Avoiding the use of chemical products, we want our vineyards to be beautiful gardens and that’s why we leave the spontaneous growth of the grass, simply cutting it when it becomes too abundant. Moreover, during spring time in rainy vintages the grass helps with the water absorption and allows a better drainage without having stagnation. It is fundamental for us to respect our ecosystem, avoiding excessive human intervention: in this way we can create a good balance between soil and plants, making our vineyards strong and luxuriant. The organic cultivation choice comes from the desire of preserving what we bought, trying to intervene the less possible in the soil management. From the beginning we addressed great dedication to our soil, trying to understand its characteristics and apply the most natural treatments possible in the fight against the illnesses. Following the seasons and the necessities, we use the green manure, but we avoid the compost because we want the plants to go deep in the soil with their roots. During the rainy periods we try to reduce copper and sulphur treatments in quantity and frequency, trying to stay 50% lower than the organic certification limits. In the cellar we don’t use preselected yeasts and we don’t use sulphur, until all the malolactic fermentations are over. The aging in Slavonian Oak barrels are the minimum required from the regulation.

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