The Story

Cantine Monfort was established in 1945 by Giovanni Simoni, with his grandson Lorenzo now running the winery. The winery is based in Lavis, a picturesque village north of Trento, which has been at the centre of Trentino wine production for many generations. The cellar is situated in Palazzo Monfort, once residence to the Counts de Melchiori, and now a prime site within Lavis old town. Our wines are developed under the watchful eye of expert oenologists and produced from high quality Trentino grapes.

The grapes destined for Cantine Monfort wines come from the best vineyard locations within Val di Cembra and from the hills over Lavis and Trento. These grapes belong either to Cantine Monfort or to grape growers who have been carefully selected for their high quality product. Cantine Monfort's expert winemakers rigorously follow each contracted grower through every stage of cultivation.

The expertise, love and care that they show in their winemaking have earned Cantine Monfort many accolades from specialist Italian and German magazines as well as many international awards. To name a few, the "Marchio della Confraternita" in Trento, the "Concorso Internazionale all'Expo" in Milan, the "Concorso Enologico Internazionale Vinitaly", the "Wine Master Challenge " of Estoril in Portugal and the "International Wine Challenge" of London. (and many more...).

Today the winery, well represented both on the national and foreign markets, is expanding rapidly and after the acquisition of new vineyards, looks to the future with a self confidence derived from a daily renewed passion for their wine and the land.