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Brightwater Vineyards

Nelson Pinot Noir

Nelson - 2021

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Brightwater Vineyards

Nelson Sauvignon Blanc

Nelson - 2022

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Brightwater Vineyards, Nelson Chardonnay

Nelson - 2022

The Story

At Brightwater Vineyards we strive to produce wines that reflect this sense of place. Wines that reveal the natural bounty of the Nelson region. Wines that reflect the commitment and traditions of the people who live in this corner of the world.

Our vineyards are located on an ancient river terrace near the village of Brightwater, which is ideally suited to viticulture with its sunny aspect and free-draining alluvial gravels.

Nelson's temperate, maritime climate also has a strong influence on the wines we produce. High sunshine hours and the cool, clear skies of autumn provide a slow ripening period that helps retain the vibrant varietal flavours that make our wine so distinctive.

This mix of climate and soil is enhanced by our commitment to working sustainably with the land. Using sensitive viticultural practices, we allow the true character of the region to be captured in the grapes. This is expressed in the full fruitiness, minerality, texture and complexity present in every glass of Brightwater Vineyards wine.

Finally, our winery, built in 2003, is designed to allow our winemakers to be as gentle as possible in handling the grapes and wine at all stages. Producing less than 10,000 cases of wine annually, we combining traditional techniques with state-of-the art equipment from Europe.

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Owners Gary and Valley Neale

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