Amarone Le Bessole

DOC Classico

 Verona - 2017

Accordini Ripasso.jpg


Ripasso DOC Classico

 Verona - 2018

Accordini Valpolicella.jpg


Valpolicella Classico Superiore- Verona - 2019

The Story

Our company's history began in 1821, when the grandfather inherited a 3 hectares terrain area in Valpolicella, an area already well-known for the properties of the soil and suitability for cultivation of grapes.
At that time, our vineyards used to produce wine only for personal purpose, and our family loved to spend spring time in the cru "Le Bessole".
Around 1960 we started cultivating new "Corvina" plants, the typical local grape variety, and we built a winery in order to start a production for high quality wines.
In the '70s we sold our first wine with Accordini label, an Amarone radically different from those already on the market: richer, more fragrant, more lovable and more durable than other well-known wines. 
In the early '80s we started our biggest challenge: to make our wine company a leader in the production of high quality wines.